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Cheap Home Insurance in Dallas Texas – USA

Which is the best cheap home insurance in Dallas Texas knows which companies offer the best prices and coverage in that city.

If you are one of the nearly 49% of Dallas County residents who own their homes, you know the importance of homeowners insurance to protect your investment, and if you are looking for cheap home insurance in Dallas Texas.

The average homeowner in Dallas, Texas pays $3,107 for their policy, though rates differ depending on several factors, including your credit rating, the age, and condition of the home, and more.

We look for home insurance providers in Dallas who write the most policies and understand the needs of homeowners in the area, which can include coverage for tornadoes, sinkholes, and hurricanes, all of which are fairly common.

Below, we compare prices, customer service, and more to find the best cheap home insurance for Dallas Texas residents.

The best home insurance companies in Dallas Texas

Based on our research, these insurers offer the best and cheapest home insurance in Dallas.

All of them offer free estimates and a series of policy options and discounts to customize them:

State Farm

State Farm is the largest issuer of homeowners policies in the United States, with good reason.

Their average premium price is the cheapest in Dallas, TX at $994 per year.

Discounts for bundling policies, installing home warning systems, and using impact-resistant roofing products can save even more.

The latter is crucial for Dallas residents, who may experience tornado activity.

State Farm has a functional website that makes it easy to conduct insurance business online, such as paying bills or submitting claims.

They have numerous agents in the Dallas region, so you should be able to get your policy quickly and easily.


MetLife home insurance covers hail, fire, theft, and tornadoes, among other risks.

With some policy options, the company will replace the contents of your home without deduction or depreciation, and you may also be eligible for the full cost of rebuilding your home even if your policy limits have been reached.

MetLife is known for its dedicated agents, which is good because you’ll have to work with your agent to create your policy and file a claim; the provider’s website does not offer much functionality to manage your policy online.

American Family (AmFam)

American Family (AmFam) sells home insurance in Texas through Midvale Home & Auto, with whom they are affiliated.

It offers standard coverages for home, property, liability, and more, as well as endorsements for identity theft, personal injury, value coverages, and increased limits for home repair and personal property.

The company also offers numerous discounts, such as on the purchase of a new home, moving, grouping, and smoke or burglar alarms.


USAA is known for having some of the best customer service practices in the business.

It leads the JD Power customer satisfaction ranking with 889 points out of 1,000. Their fees are reasonable and well below the Texas average of $2,589.

It also has a vibrant online community that offers support and the ability to manage your policy quickly and easily.

The only catch is that USAA only sells policies to service members, veterans, and their families.

Recommendations for home insurance in Dallas

Texas doesn’t require home insurance, but if you have a mortgage, you’ll need a policy. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll buy an HO-3 policy, which is the most common type in the US.

It covers you against named risks, including fire, hail, vandalism, and about a dozen other potential disasters.

Texas sees more tornadoes than any other US state, so you may be wondering if your policy covers you for wind damage.

The most basic insurance coverage covers wind-related catastrophes, but you should ask your agent if you need additional coverage to fully protect yourself. Other coverages are:

Housing coverage

This is the core of an HO-3 policy, and it protects your home from damage caused by the above perils.

You may also have other structures coverage, which pays for damage to detached garages, sheds, and any other structures on your property.

Flood coverage

Floods are one of the biggest catastrophes that are not covered by standard insurance policies.

You’ll need to purchase an additional flood policy, which is likely available through your regular insurer or purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Extended replacement

This is an optional type of coverage that you can add to your policy. Increases the compensation you will receive in the event of a claim for a given risk.

It’s a reasonable precaution if you think construction and repair costs have increased since you bought your policy.

Dallas Home Insurance Discounts

A smart homeowner can save a significant amount by using rebates.

Most insurers offer a handful of them, and many are easy to earn.

Review your policy annually to make sure you’re not missing out on any eligible discounts.

Here are some typical discounts:

Home security items

It’s a good idea to install smoke detectors in your home, and it may qualify you for an insurance discount.

Burglar alarms, sprinkler systems, and other security features can also save money.

Customer loyalty

If you have been with your insurer for a certain number of years, you can get a discount; many insurers offer it after five years.


If you’re happy with your insurer, consider using the same company for your auto, life, or other insurance needs.

Most insurers will give you a discount for buying multiple policies.

Military service

Many insurance companies discount policies for members of the military and their families.

A military-focused company like USAA may have multiple discounts if you’re deployed or on active duty.

You can usually find out what discounts each company offers on their website, but it’s also worth talking to an agent to make sure you’re not missing out.

Frequent questions

What are these most common and frequently asked questions about home insurance in Dallas Texas?

What is the best home insurance company?

There is no single company that is always the best for everyone. Some of the best companies in Dallas are State Farm, MetLife, American Family, and USAA.

To start your search for the best insurance company, check out Bankrate’s list of the best home insurance companies for 2021.

How much does home insurance cost in Dallas?

The median cost of home insurance in Texas is $2,589. In Dallas, however, the median is $3,170.

Your costs will be determined by factors, including the age and location of your home, as well as crime statistics in your neighborhood and your credit rating.

How much home insurance do I need in Dallas?

To answer this question, it helps to know what the average construction cost per square foot is in your area.

Multiplying that by the number of square feet in your home will give you a starting cost. But keep in mind that there are many factors that influence the cost of insurance.

It is a good idea to speak with a licensed insurance expert to determine the amount of insurance you need for your specific circumstances.

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