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StateFarm Insurance 2022: Auto Insurance Review

Interested in StateFarm insurance, but not sure if it's the best option for you? Do not worry, you're not the only one.

Are you interested in any StateFarm insurance? Have you heard a lot of good things about StateFarm insurance, like that it is the first auto insurer in the country ahead of companies like Geico Seguros and Progressive, but still you are not sure if it is the best option for you? Do not worry, you’re not the only one. Whether it is civil liability, collision, or full cover insurance, we know well that choosing insurance and insurance is not an easy task. Therefore, in this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about StateFarm and its different products, including how to request a quote from Statefarm.

Auto Insurance Offered by StateFarm

The type of car you have can significantly condition the policy and the price of your future insurance. And it is, in this regard, one of the things we like most about StateFarm because you can insure a wide variety of vehicles, from a standard Toyota to collector cars. In this way, in the insurance you will find:

  • Collision insurance, all risk, and civil liability
  • Sports car insurance
  • Insurance for classic and collectible cars

If you are interested in knowing what is the minimum insurance necessary to be able to drive a car without problems, read our article “What is the minimum auto insurance in the United States?”.

StateFarm Standard Insurance

At StateFarm you have the following standard insurance options:

  • Liability insurance. Liability policies cover damage to someone else’s property from an accident for which you are responsible. It also covers the other party’s injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. About the latter, you can learn more by reading our article “ Who pays for lost wages in a car accident? ”.
  • Collision insurance. This insurance pays for damage caused by a collision and covers your vehicle whether it’s new, rental, or even if you don’t own it.
  • Comprehensive insurance. With a comprehensive policy, you can get coverage for non-collision-related damage, such as fire, civil disturbances, riots, theft, vandalism, weather conditions, or being hit by an animal. To learn more, we recommend that you read our articles “ Full coverage car insurance ” and “ What does full coverage insurance cover? ”.
  • Uninsured motorist insurance. You can choose uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance to cover your vehicle and potential injuries caused by a driver without insurance or with a policy that cannot adequately cover the damage.
  • Medical payment coverage. Regardless of who is at fault, medical payments coverage will cover injuries to you, your passengers, and anyone who may be injured in an accident. This insurance includes pedestrian injuries and funeral expenses.
  • Roadside assistance. This service covers the costs of mechanical labor at the scene of the breakdown, locksmith labor in the event of loss, theft, or blocking of the vehicle key, emergency fuel supply, oil supply, battery supply, and the change of punctured tires. If you want to know more about this insurance, read our article “ The best roadside assistance plans in the USA ”.
  • Shared transport. This insurance, created especially for rideshare workers like Uber or Cabify, covers you in three different situations: when the app is on when a customer contacts you, and when you transport the customer. Coverage may include property damage, liability, uninsured motorist, and rental car benefits.
  • Rental car coverage. Covers the cost of a rental up to a certain amount for those who do not have rental coverage or have exceptionally high deductibles. If you have a collision in a rental car, StateFarm will cover the deductible up to $500. You can also opt for travel expense coverage, which pays for meals, transportation, and lodging up to $500 if you’re more than 50 miles from home.

StateFarm Car Insurance for Classic and Sports Cars

Sports and classic cars can be very expensive to insure. Sports cars are often fast, which is considered a potential hazard, and classic cars are often expensive to repair due to parts.

That’s why StateFarm works with prospective customers to make sure they get a lower price and take the necessary steps to qualify for specialty insurance.

The disadvantage? Well, if you drive one of these vehicles frequently, you might have trouble finding affordable StateFarm insurance. That’s because rates increase based on usage, and classic cars only qualify if they’re primarily used for the show.

How much does StateFarm auto insurance cost?

According to a JD Power study, StateFarm’s prices are in the same range as its direct competitors, namely Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, and GEICO. We, for our part, consider that the amounts are average, neither too high nor too low. Therefore, if the price of StateFarm auto insurance is an important factor for you, we recommend that you compare the products of other insurers and that you read our article “How much does auto insurance cost in the United States?”.

StateFarm Auto Insurance Price by Age

Cluster State Farm Median Rate National average rate
25-year-old woman $1,262 $1,487
25 year old male $1,396 $1,554
35-year-old woman $1,139 $1,274
35 year old male $1,139 $1,278
60-year-old woman $1,038 $1,149
60 year old man $1,038 $1,183

As we can see, 25-year-old male drivers have the highest rates, but StateFarm doesn’t penalize this demographic too much. The median rate for women is $1,261 and for men $1,396. This is 10% to 15% lower than the national average.

Rates for older drivers are slightly lower. Women aged 35 pay an average of $1,139 according to our study, and men of the same age have an average rate of $1,138. At age 60, married women have a median rate of $1,038, while men have a median rate of $1,037.

It is interesting to note that these average rates for middle-aged and older drivers have a difference of $101. In any event, these StateFarm rates are approximately 10% lower than the national averages for each demographic.

StateFarm auto insurance price per annual mileage

Annual mileage State Farm Median Rate National average rate
6,000 miles $1,054 $1,278
12,000 miles $1,169 $1,321

As we can see from the chart, at StateFarm the average rate for 6,000 annual miles is $1,054. For 12,000 miles, the amount is $1,169. This represents an increase of 11%. Still, both rates are lower than the national averages by about 15%.

StateFarm Auto Insurance Price by Type of Coverage

Type of Coverage State Farm Median Rate National average rate
Bass $1,086 $1,248
Medium $1,169 $1,321
Tall $1,256 $1,397

As we can see, drivers with low coverage have a median rate of $1,086, and those with medium coverage have a median rate of $1,169. Each of these levels of coverage represents a saving of 13% compared to national averages. On the other hand, drivers with a high level of StateFarm coverage have an average rate of $1,255, which is 10% less than the national average of nearly $1,400.

Discounts you can get at StateFarm Insurance

Not all insurance companies offer their customers discounts or any other savings benefits, but luckily that’s not the case with StateFarm. The insurance company offers discounts to customers who purchase any of its products, especially if it is more than one. Among the StateFarm loyalty discounts we have found:

  • Various vehicles. You save up to 20% on your policy if you insure two or more vehicles.
  • Multi insurance. Save up to 17% on your policy if you also purchase StateFarm Home, Renters, Condo, or Life insurance.

Now, teens and drivers with good driving habits are perhaps the ones who benefit the most from StateFarm promotions and discounts. Here are the ones that are currently available:

  • Anti-theft discount. You qualify for this discount if your vehicle has an anti-theft alarm or other security systems.
  • Training discount. Drivers under the age of 21 can get this discount if they complete a special training program.
  • Discount for good driving. New StateFarm insurance customers can get this discount if three years go by and they have had no accidents or tickets. Do you want to know if you have a traffic fine or ticket? Then read our article “ How to verify traffic tickets in the United States? ”.
  • Discount for students. Students under the age of 25 may qualify for this discount if they only use their car during the summer and holidays.
  • Discount for a defensive driving course. StateFarm agents will provide you with a list of defensive driving courses that qualify for this discount. And if you are interested in some type of driver training in addition to defensive driving courses, read our article “ The best online driving courses ”.
  • Vehicle safety discount. You save up to 40% on medical payment coverage if your car was manufactured after 1994.
  • Discount for being a good student. You save up to 25% for getting good grades. This discount lasts even after finishing university, up to age 25.
  • Discount for not having accidents. To get this discount, you must go for at least three years without having an accident. Also, the discount may increase over time if you don’t cancel your StateFarm auto insurance. Are you interested in knowing if insurance companies report accidents to the government? Then be sure to read our article “ Do car insurers report accidents to the DMV? ”.
  • Discount for passive restriction. Receive a discount of up to 40% on medical coverage if your car was manufactured in 1993 or before and has a factory airbag or passive retention system.

How to file a claim with StateFarm insurance?

Like large insurers with a broad national presence, you can file a claim with StateFarm through the mobile app, on the company website, or by calling a local StateFarm agent. If you want to report a claim by phone after normal business hours, you should call 800-732-5246.

Well, to file a claim with StateFarm insurance you must provide information about:

  • Where the incident occurred.
  • The date and time it occurred.
  • A description of what happened.
  • If applicable, the police report number and contact information for the other driver or owner of the affected property.

After the claim is filed, StateFarm will review the details and review the case. They will contact you if they need additional information as well as to notify you of the next steps. Later, an agent will inform you about the estimate and available repair options.

StateFarm Auto Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your StateFarm policy at any time, and what’s best, without paying a fee. To do so you have several options: by phone, in person, or by mail. You can also do this by contacting your local agent. When you cancel your StateFarm Auto insurance you will need to provide your policy number, name, and date of birth.

How to request a quote on Statefarm?

Just like the big auto insurers in America, you can get a quote from Statefarm online. To do this, you will need to provide information such as:

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle
  • VIN number.
  • Financing Information
  • Estimated Mileage and Usage
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Education level
  • Contact information

The company will use this information to generate your StateFarm car insurance quote, which you can customize later.

StateFarm Customer Service Quality

As a StateFarm customer, you can expect better customer service than many other companies. In both shopping experience and claim satisfaction, StateFarm has received slightly better reviews than its competitors. Another good indication of the quality of StateFarm’s customer service is that it has received very few complaints regarding its size.

On the other hand, as a StateFarm customer, you won’t have to worry about whether the company has enough funds to pay claims. StateFarm has received an A++ rating from AM Best for financial strength, which is the highest possible rating an insurer can receive. Please note that this does not mean that StateFarm is more likely to pay a claim, only that it has the funds to do so.

StateFarm Insurance: Is it worth it?

The biggest selling point of StateFarm auto insurance is its rates, which as we’ve seen are more affordable than the national averages.

One of the defining characteristics of StateFarm is its network of more than 19,000 agents spread across the country, which contrasts with other large insurers, especially Geico and Progressive Insurance, which have fewer. In this regard, if you are interested in finding a StateFarm agent in your state, you can use their online tool.

State Farm has something to offer for those interested in a relationship with a local insurance agent, as well as those looking for a fully online experience.

In addition, StateFarm’s convenient online options for customers who are comfortable managing their insurance on their own include the company’s Pocket Agent mobile app. This app, which has received positive user reviews, can be used to pay insurance premiums, file a claim, and get roadside assistance.

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